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Quintet’s Chief Investment Office share their views on the economy, markets and investing in our monthly Counterpoint publication.

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2020 Mid-year update

There’s still a lot we don’t know about coronavirus, and a return to how life was at the start of 2020 is some way off. Although lockdown restrictions are easing, the pandemic will affect our lives in many ways. What’s likely to get back to normal, in one form or another, and what’s likely to change more permanently? We’ve produced our mid-year outlook to help investors make sense of an unusually uncertain situation for the global economy and financial markets.

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Sustainable Investing

By encouraging the improvement of practices towards a more sustainable model, Quintet enhances the economic value of companies. We believe that actively exercising the influence we have as an investor and investment manager is consistent with both our fiduciary duty towards our clients and our objective to be a sustainable company.

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