For a richer life, however you define it.

We understand that trust has to be earned, not claimed. As a partner that strives to earn your trust, we are committed to growing and protecting your wealth as if it were our own.

Quintet will never ask you to provide us with personal information via email or SMS. If you think you received an email or sms from us asking you to provide personal information, this is likely a phishing message not coming from us (fraud).
Please do not respond to it or click on any link that it may include.

Earning your trust.
All successful and enduring relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. We never take your trust for granted. It is how we do business.
Watch how we earn your trust
Quintet’s investment experts share their views on the economy, markets and investing as part of their 2022 mid-year market outlook.

Personal service focused on what really matters.

We are small enough to be personal, and big enough to give you access to the world. As a private bank for people who see the world differently, we partner with you to provide insights and introduce opportunities.
True independence
We’re an independent bank, which means we are entirely focused on working for you, and towards your goals.
What independence means for you
Modern investing
Our investment strategies can help you make returns that positively impact both your wealth and the world.
How we invest for you
We focus on relationships, rather than transactions, and build bridges between your business, family and wealth needs, extending both investment expertise and long-term financial planning.
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A different perspective on investing.
See the world differently
Our planet, our home

Sustainable investing

Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
Join us on our journey
Introducing Quintet Earth
What we believe to be the world’s first climate neutral investment fund.
Now investing sustainably and achieving competitive
returns doesn’t have to cost the earth.
Discover the Quintet Earth Fund

Awarding-winning private bank
Our name is inspired by music, where harmony is born from collaboration. “Quintet” stands for the idea that human beings can achieve extraordinary things – and true harmony – when they align behind a common purpose. Whether that is in the context of a musical ensemble or a private banking business. Our young brand stands for an agile, collaborative organization that coalesces around how we can best serve our clients. Just like musicians who collaborate in a quintet.

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For a Richer Life

What does a richer life mean to you?
Do you believe that living a rich and fulfilling life is about more than simply having money and possessions? Do you believe that passion, curiosity, purpose and meaning in life are priceless?
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Always there for you wherever you are
At Quintet, we pride ourselves on being small enough to really get to know you, yet big enough to give you easy access to the best the world of finance has to offer. Whatever your needs, we will provide objective insights, advice, products and services tailored to your personal goals. And with offices in 50 European cities we are always there for you wherever you are. Why not come and talk with us today?
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