Counterpoint 2022 Investment Outlook

Counterpoint 2022 Investment Outlook

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Counterpoint is where we identify and analyse the state of the world economy with the latest investment news. We aim to guide readers into understanding the market trends, so they have all the information they need to know best how to invest and manage their money.
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“History suggests that the repercussions and effects of
pandemics have changed how the world functions and
people behave”

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Getting to the other side

Looking to the past can provide us with a glimpse of the future

As we enter the cold season, Covid-19 infections are rising again and yet another virus strain, the Omicron variant, is spreading. While setbacks are possible, and perhaps probable, the economy and society at large now look better equipped to cope with the virus, given high vaccination rates, an ability to develop, adapt and produce vaccines, and a capacity to adjust working patterns flexibly and our lives more generally. As the coronavirus continues to circulate and mutate, it is going to remain a threat. Yet after settling down, it will likely become a more familiar and manageable issue.

History suggests that the repercussions and effects of pandemics have changed how the world functions and people behave. For instance, the devastation of the 1918 flu pandemic was quickly followed by a period of intense economic and social interactions. The Roaring Twenties saw a flowering of parties and concerts, as well as a radical shift in architectural design. It also heralded a period of consumerism and opportunities for innovators like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford to thrive.

Looking forward

The lockdowns accelerated many of the digital trends that were already under way and catapulted us into the future. However, as the global economy works through the gears of reopening, several challenges are arising. They include supply shortages, transportation bottlenecks and higher energy prices, which are all contributing to an elevated pace of inflation.

One of the most remarkable features of the past two years is that our economies have demonstrated just how quickly they can adapt. At Quintet, we continue to believe fundamental patterns and trends will reassert themselves as the world resets. Financial markets will probably continue to experience periods of volatility along the way, but the long-term outlook for investment returns remains positive.

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Market overview

We look back at what we got right and wrong in 2021 and we also take a glimpse into the future. As we focus on the long term, we discuss the developing dynamics we think of as a big reset.

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Our approach

See how our portfolios are developing for 2022. In this section we discuss our approach for strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, fixed income, direct equities, alternatives and sustainability.

Our investment approach

Investing for the future

We’re committed as a firm to using only renewable electricity from 2022 and will no longer invest in companies that derive significant revenue from coal. We are also creating a new thematic approach to better inform our longer term investment strategies.

Investing for the future

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