Embracing sustainability in our practices

Embracing sustainability in our practices

From words to actions: By investing with us, you can harness the potential of your wealth to create a better world.
We believe in turning words into actions
We believe in turning words into actions. Our flagship funds are dedicated to aligning at least 85% with environmental and social characteristics (E&S), ensuring a minimum of 20% sustainable investments. Through our data-driven screening, engagement with companies, active ownership, and proxy voting, we actively contribute to creating a positive impact on our world*.
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Sustainability award

An award-winning private bank
As evidence of our work towards integrating ESG and sustainability in our products and offering, Quintet received the “Highly Commended”** mention at the 2022 Private Banker International Global Wealth Awards in the category “Best Bank for Sustainability and ESG Leadership”.
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Investing for a better future
When you choose to invest in our flagship funds, you not only gain access to a diversified multi-asset portfolio, but you also embrace environmental and social (E&S) characteristics.

ESG data-driven screening

Before we invest in companies, we use 190 environmental and social data points for our analysis.

Regulatory Affairs
Looking for detailed sustainability-related information of our products according to the SFDR requirements?
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*These percentages represent our commitment across all our flagship funds and we strive to meet these commitments at all times, however they are subject to change depending on availability of sustainability related data and developments of the regulatory requirements.

**“Highly Commended” corresponds to the runner-up position behind the “Winner” award. 

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