Sustainability matters

No problem can outrun a solution. We place sustainability at the heart of our business and as the driver of your investments. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
February 2021
Leading the way
Leader strategies invest in entities with the strongest sustainability practices. How is your wealth invested?
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Melissa Spinoso
Quintet appoints Melissa Spinoso
Quintet has appointed Melissa Spinoso as Sustainability Strategist. Melissa joins to develop a Quintet-wide approach to corporate social responsibility. She will ensure Quintet’s operations and investment offering are fully congruent and that both share the same highs standards.
Some fear change, others invest in it
The investment industry has a significant role to play in funding the firms and technologies that work towards climate neutrality. We introduce a simple, yet effective, lifestyle and investment framework called ‘reduce, transform and remove’
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Boldly envisioning the future
Significant trends are shaping our economies and societies. We use a quintet of powerful structural drivers to identify thematic opportunities. These are: Demographic change, Regulatory developments, Social shifts, Sustainability, and Technological progress. Thinking about the future? So are we.
For the doers not the dreamers
Our sustainability team, acting on behalf of Quintet clients, voted on almost 9000 proposals and engaged 400 companies in constructive dialogue about sustainability issues relevant to their operations. Quintet regularly voted against appointments to boards where female representation was lacking, and pressed for greater reporting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
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Active Ownership
Leading by example
No problem can outrun a solution. Quintet has pledged to eliminate all plastic consumable products from all of its premises by the end of 2020. This includes plastic food containers, bottles, straws, and stirrers. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
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Introducing quintet’s sustainable investing approach
Are you looking to invest in sustainable Leaders that have embraced global best practises? Or perhaps Improvers can power your portfolio? Quintet offers Thematic investing focused on the sustainable megatrends of the future and we proudly support a range of Dedicated Assets, investments conceived with sustainability in mind.
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James Purcell
Quintet appoints James Purcell
Quintet has appointed James Purcell as Group Head of Sustainability. James joins Quintet from UBS where he was Global Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing. James has helped thousands of clients successfully change the way they invest to help them embrace sustainable change. Contact James to discuss sustainability and what a richer life means to you.
Always there for you wherever you are
Always there for you wherever you are
At Quintet, we pride ourselves on being small enough to really get to know you, yet big enough to give you easy access to the best the world of finance has to offer. Whatever your needs, we will provide objective insights, advice, products and services tailored to your personal goals. And with offices in 50 European cities we are always there for you wherever you are. Why not come and talk with us today?
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