Sustainability matters

No problem can outrun a solution. At Quintet, we have sought to put environmental, social and governance factors at the heart of our business and as the driver of your investments. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.

Quintet Corporate Sustainability Report
Our journey to be more sustainable in both the way we invest and operate as a business has started in 2019. Discover what we’ve already achieved and our plans for the future.
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"At Quintet, we have sought
to put ESG at the heart
of our business."

March 2022
Change what you don’t like, invest in what you do
Through active ownership we press for positive change, enhancing the investment process while having a positive impact on people and the planet.
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February 2022
Recycled gold
Unlike other commodities, gold can be infinitely recycled with no degradation in quality, placing it in a unique position to benefit from the trend of moving towards a circular economy.
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Recycled Gold
100% renewable
November 2021
Quintet is going 100% renewable
Starting this year, we will source the equivalent of 100% of the electricity we use from renewable sources.
October 2021
Quintet welcomes Giang Vu
Giang Vu has joined Quintet as a London-based Sustainable Investing Strategist. Giang holds a BSc in Accounting and Finance and an MSc in Environment and Development, both from the London School of Economics.
Giang Vu
October 2021
To exclude or engage?
At first glance, when making decisions about how to invest sustainably, exclusion and engagement appear to be mutually exclusive. Exclusion involves selling or not investing in securities, while engagement involves investing to exert influence. Discover our approach to combining the best of both.
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September 2021
Emerging opportunities
Quintet has partnered with Amundi to accelerate emerging-market green-bond issuance, supporting people and planet by investing in innovation.
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Amundi and Quintet partner to accelerate sustainable investments in emerging markets
Pinaki Das
August 2021
Quintet appoints Pinaki Das
Quintet has appointed Pinaki Das as Head as Thematic Research. Thematic investing enables our clients to invest in the technologies and services of the future. It combines a robust investment case with a compelling narrative. Pinaki will be based in London.
August 2021
What makes a fund sustainable?
We consider five factors when assessing the sustainability of funds – intentionality, portfolio characteristics, research, active ownership and transparency. Discover our sustainable approach to fund selection, the way we now invest on behalf of every Quintet client.
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What makes a fund sustainable
Green Bonds
July 2021
Partnering for the US green-bond boom
Quintet and Robeco join forces to launch one of Europe’s first USD green bond strategies. Seeking positive environmental impact while aiming to provide long-term capital growth.
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July 2021
Catalysing innovation
Quintet is delighted to be the seed investor for two new DWS investment funds. They are the world’s first exchange-traded-funds for euro and US dollar denominated corporate green bonds.
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Delivering real-world impact
July 2021
Delivering real-world impact
Dedicated assets are designed with sustainability as a defining characteristic to deliver real-word impact.
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MAY 2021
Quintet’s sustainable approach to equity investing
Sustainability is a way to see the world differently, expanding horizons and potential opportunities. Discover our sustainable approach to equities, the way we now invest on behalf of every Quintet client.
Our approach
May 2021
Growing together
Thematic strategies seek to invest in growing and innovative companies. In a changing world, it is little surprise that thematic investing is the fastest-growing sustainable investing strategy.
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April 2021
Quintet welcomes AJ Singh
AJ Singh has joined the Quintet Sustainable Investing team. AJ previously worked at top tier financial institutions. He will be based in London.
AJ Singh
april 2021
Investing in a better tomorrow
Improver strategies invest in companies making material progress in improving their sustainability practices. Invest in a better tomorrow.
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April 2021
Active ownership to help activate change
At Quintet, we place sustainability at the heart of our business and as a driver of our clients’ investments. We engage as active owners because we are convinced that when companies adopt sustainable practices they become better businesses, which benefits investors, society and the planet. Find out more in our 2020 Active Ownership Report.
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March 2021
Thinking long-term
Sustainable investing strategies had a stellar 2020. So far this year, however, investor rotation has led to pockets of underperformance. Looking to the future we analyse 3,000 sustainable funds and view their key holdings to uncover hidden risks and opportunities.
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February 2021
Leading the way
Leader strategies invest in entities with the strongest sustainability practices. How is your wealth invested?
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CP Teaser
sustainable investing challenge
Some fear change, others invest in it
The investment industry has a significant role to play in funding the firms and technologies that work towards climate neutrality. We introduce a simple, yet effective, lifestyle and investment framework called ‘reduce, transform and remove’
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Boldly envisioning the future
Significant trends are shaping our economies and societies. We use a quintet of powerful structural drivers to identify thematic opportunities. These are: Demographic change, Regulatory developments, Social shifts, Sustainability, and Technological progress. Thinking about the future? So are we.
Active Ownership
For the doers not the dreamers
Our sustainability team, acting on behalf of Quintet clients, voted on almost 9000 proposals and engaged 400 companies in constructive dialogue about sustainability issues relevant to their operations. Quintet regularly voted against appointments to boards where female representation was lacking, and pressed for greater reporting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
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JULY 2020
Leading by example
No problem can outrun a solution. Quintet has pledged to eliminate all plastic consumable products from all of its premises by the end of 2020. This includes plastic food containers, bottles, straws, and stirrers. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
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sustainable approach
MAY 2020
Introducing quintet’s sustainable investing approach
Are you looking to invest in sustainable Leaders that have embraced global best practises? Or perhaps Improvers can power your portfolio? Quintet offers Thematic investing focused on the sustainable megatrends of the future and we proudly support a range of Dedicated Assets, investments conceived with sustainability in mind.
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Always there for you wherever you are
Always there for you wherever you are
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