Succession planning to protect your legacy

Succession planning to protect your legacy

By thinking about legacy planning now, you can make sure your wealth is passed on to the people and causes close to your heart.
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Family wealth management takes care of your wishes and your loved ones

When you’ve worked hard to build up your wealth, you want the peace of mind that you can pass this on to your loved ones. There’s a lot to think about, especially if you have a complex estate. Who should it go to? And when? Is it sensible to pass on wealth during your lifetime?
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What does our guide cover

Talking about passing on wealth and succession planning with loved ones can be an emotional subject, but it can also be a positive conversation to share. It’s never too early to start talking and planning. That’s why we’ve created ‘Your Guide to Passing on Wealth’, to help you understand your options and lead conversations with your family. When you’re ready to talk to us, we’ll help you build a tailored plan that gives you peace of mind.
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Download our guide to learn more about what’s involved in succession planning

Explore the different ways to pass on your wealth tax efficiently and maximise its value for your beneficiaries.

Discover important questions to ask yourself when deciding what you want your legacy to be and how planning can help you achieve that.

Understand  the value of your estate and tax implications of passing on wealth at different times.

Learn why you need a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney to protect your wealth, yourself and your loved ones.

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We have years of experience in succession planning, helping a diverse range of clients pass on their wealth in ways that maximise its impact for family, friends and good causes.
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Important Information

Our Wealth Planning Service can involve investing your capital, which places it at risk. Investment risk means that the value of your investments or any income can fluctuate and you may not get back some, or the entire amount invested. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice to understand your personal tax liabilities. This will depend on personal circumstances and the prevailing tax rules, which are subject to change. Tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority.