Our journey towards corporate sustainability

Our journey towards corporate sustainability

Integrating environmental, social and governance matters at the heart of our business.
Embracing our societal responsibility with purpose
Thanks to the motivation of our employees and our presence across a number of European countries and cities, Quintet has a unique opportunity to make a difference in the local communities we serve by acting as a responsible corporate citizen. That includes by contributing time and capital to laudable organisations and important ideas, serving as an agent of positive social change.
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Achievements in 2022
Our impact through our social responsibility involvement:

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Over 52 organisations
supported throughout
the group.

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Over €685,000 donated to
organisations by our
group entities.

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Over 2,554 hours offered to
organisations by volunteers from
across our group entities.

Our commitment to our people
As a bank, we believe we have the capacity to have a positive influence on our people.

Learning and career opportunities

We want to support our colleagues by helping to prepare them for their roles today and tomorrow. In 2022 we introduced learning week. Over a period of five days, over 28 workshops were organised to promote a learning culture. Sessions were based on various themes, including: presenting like a pro, building collaboration, managing upwards, turning stress into an ally, lightening your mental load, understanding how your brain works and managing as a coach. While certain sessions could appeal to specific audiences (e.g. managerial roles), the sessions were open to all employees.

Mental health training programme

The Mental health training programme was designed for employees who wished to deal more calmly with the challenges of everyday life. The training provided the opportunity to better know and understand different reactions to stress, thus identifying the possible appropriate and positive responses. Attendees acquired tools to manage reactions to stress with serenity and anchor practices in everyday life.

Quintet group graduate programme

The Quintet Group Graduate programme has been in place since 2020, with four to five graduates joining the programme each year. Through a two-year rotation based programme, graduates can experience four different areas of Quintet’s business, while being trained and developing professional competences. During the programme, graduates can be based in any Quintet location. International mobility is encouraged to share experience, explore the corporate culture and local specificities, building a strong network across the group. We seek diversity within our graduate community and have accordingly recruited from a variety of academic backgrounds.


Our corporate impact on the planet
We have been calculating our carbon footprint across all locations and different categories such as energy, transport and business travel. By having knowledge of our impact, we understand where we can act. We are undertaking a number of initiatives across our sites to reduce our environmental impact, including for example energy saving campaigns, increasingly sourcing electricity from renewable energy sources, waste management initiatives and a reduction of packaged materials like bottled drinks. This is a journey to be continued.
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