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We combine a local presence in 50 European cities. Discover our unique network of private banks.

At Puilaetco, wealth management is first and foremost a question of confidence.

As a client at one of our eight Belgian offices, you are paired with an experienced private banker who is directly responsible for the management of your wealth. It is only when your situation is fully understood that a customized approach is shaped.

With almost 150 years of banking experience, we understand that each person brings an entirely unique set of financial possibilities and goals to the table.

8 locations around Belgium
Merck Finck

As an experienced, broad-based asset manager, Merck Finck offers a wide spectrum of solutions for our high-net-worth private clients.

We have 16 offices and 285 employees across Germany. With 150 years of banking experience, we understand that what we do is based on strong, trusting relationships with our clients.

Every step we take in handling your wealth is done so with a deep understanding and continuous awareness of your individual goals.

16 locations around Germany
Quintet Luxembourg

At Quintet Private Bank in Luxembourg, private banking is personal and personalized.

Whether we are managing your assets, structuring or passing on your wealth, or optimizing your tax situation, we focus on delivering tailored and individualized wealth solutions.

Our team of nearly 1,000 professionals structures financial plans to meet the needs of each individual client. Long-term client relationships characterized by trust and shared success are the source of our longevity and strength as a private bank in Luxembourg and across Europe.

Present in Luxembourg 
Puilaetco Luxembourg

At Puilaetco Luxembourg, your private banker knows you: your values, your assets, your wishes and your plans for the future.

This lasting relationship is essential to our individualized approach to developing your wealth solution. Our private bankers are in constant contact with teams of specialists, including financial analysts, risk managers and financial planners.

As independent, trusted partners with almost 150 years of experience, we want to advise and assist you in building and protecting your wealth over the long term.

Present in Luxembourg 
Brown Shipley

Brown Shipley has six UK-wide offices that offer each client a fully tailored approach.

Our investment management, banking, lending, pension and wealth planning options allow us to give our clients bespoke solutions suitable for their individual circumstances. Our business operates in a measured and conservative manner while embracing innovative thinking and service.

Our teams place the client relationship at the center of all that we do, building trust and long-term commitment, with an understanding that comes from over 200 years' experience.

8 locations around the UK

At InsingerGilissen, we recognize that our clients require personalized wealth management solutions. That’s why we accompany them every step of the way.

As a pure-play private bank, we offer a wide range of services in asset management and advice, financial planning and administration, and custody. Our client base varies from private individuals and families to foundations, institutional investors and external asset managers.

Whether we are dealing with personal wealth or company assets, we believe in looking beyond the capital itself: our business is characterized by a multi-generational approach with a strong focus on dedicated investment solutions and long-term relationships.

6 locations around the Netherlands
Quintet Switzerland

Quintet Private Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, a member of Quintet Private Bank, opened for business in May 2020. Located in the heart of Zurich's financial center, Quintet Switzerland aims to define a new standard in private banking by combining a highly personalized approach with independent, unbiased advice.

With firm in-house investment convictions and open architecture, clients have access to the solutions that are right for them- provided by a team that is passionate about helping them achieve their goals through an innovative investment process tailored to each client's individual requirements.

Present in Zurich
Quintet Denmark

Quintet Danmark, a branch of Quintet Private Bank (Europe) S.A., opened for business in 2020. Located in central Copenhagen and also providing wealth management services to overseas Nordic citizens from Luxembourg, Quintet Danmark combines a highly personalized approach with independent advice and open-architecture investment solutions.

Staffed by a team of experienced and motivated colleagues who share the same commitment to doing the right thing for each client they have the opportunity to serve – while also drawing upon the insight and resources of the wider Quintet family – Quintet Danmark acts with agility and energy to challenge the status quo.

Present in Copenhagen