Our flagship solution

Our flagship solution

With Discretionary Portfolio Management, let our advisors take care of your investments on your behalf.

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Our flagship investment solution integrates all the expertise of the Quintet Group
Your portfolio will benefit from the research and the views of our analysts and investment teams across our group of boutique private banks and wealth managers operating across over 50 European cities.
At a glance
Discover how our flagship solution could benefit you.

Full expertise of Quintet Group
One solution integrating all the expertise of the Quintet Group.

Full expertise of Quintet Group
Risk culture
A diversified portfolio aligned to your risk profile, which our experts will help you define.
Risk culture
Environmental characteristics at its core
Environmental characteristics integrated into every part of the investment process and portfolio construction.

Environmental characteristics  at its core
Matching different needs and objectives
Profiled solutions adapted to your immediate and long-term goals and your attitude to risk.

Matching different needs and objectives
Simple and transparent
A fund wrapped solution with a focus on transparency via monthly reporting in addition to practical and relevant information provided by your dedicated Client Advisor.
Simple and transparent
Competitive fee structure
A simplified and cost transparent solution weighting real added value of underlying investments.

Competitive fee structure

Invested in you

The first meeting with your Client Advisor is all about getting to know you, and you getting to know how we work on your behalf. We will then consolidate your investments into a portfolio, which will be aligned to your objectives and risk profile.

Our approach

Investment markets are always evolving and it is crucial that we adapt to prevailing market condition, your portfolio will benefit from the research and analysis of our investment teams across our group of boutique private banks and wealth managers operating across over 50 European cities.

Keeping you informed

You will receive regular reporting on how we interpret the markets and the optimisations we are implementing to your portfolio.
How we build our complete solution
We have defined a robust process that focuses on gathering all the expertise of Quintet investment teams across Europe. We have built this process around these pillars: we first analyze the long-term trends of the market, we then integrate shorter-term views and finally we incorporate refinements, often based on your preferences and appetite to risk.
5 steps to build the Strategic Asset Allocation
1) We define which asset classes are in scope for the Strategic Asset Allocation, considering sustainable criteria.
2) Capital Market Assumptions (CMAs) are based on asset-class specific models, a multi-asset factor model and expert judgement.
3) In line with investor risk profiles, appropriate risk levels for different portfolio allocations are defined.
4) For each risk level, we find a diversified allocation that offers the highest expected return.

5) Finally, our SAA undergo a thorough stress test, based on historic data as well as value at risk simulations.
5 steps to build the  Strategic Asset Allocation
Optimised execution
Asset Allocation
Translation of the level of risk into a sustainable long-term portfolio. Asset Allocation Team may decide to adjust the long-term portfolios when it finds short-term investment opportunities.

Direct line equities
Equity Single Lines Model Portfolios defined by the direct equities team.

Fund & exchange-traded fund selection
Sustainable Model Portfolio defined by the Sustainable & Thematic team supported by the Group Fund Selection Team.

Environmentally friendly framework
Environmentally friendly characteristics embedded in the Investment & Selection Process.
Optimised execution
A strategic view
Also known as Strategic Asset Allocation, the approach looks at the overall market trends, long-term investment activities and embeds risk profiles and environmentally friendly elements, which characterize our investment philosophy.
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woman writing
A shorter-term view
Known as Tactical Asset Allocation, we look at shorter-term opportunities focused on a 6 to 12 months horizon bringing flexibility into our approach.

Opportunities for refinement within your portfolio

Fixed income




Investment management

Our investment management service isn’t just designed to help you achieve your financial goals; it’s designed completely around you, your immediate and long-term goals, your attitude to risk and even how comfortable you are with making investment decisions.

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Wealth Planning

Making the right decisions now can bring peace of mind of a clearer future for you and your family. Together, we'll create a wealth plan that goes beyond simply finances, taking care of what really matters in every aspect of your life.

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Here you will find stories that inspire and inform. Access the latest investment views and financial market insights. News from the world of Quintet and about the topics that matter.

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