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Quintet Earth offsets via a community reforestation project in San Juan de Limay and Somoto, Nicaragua
This project has significant impact for the environment and local community
across twelve of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals
Payments made up to 1,357 farming families where people are living on less than $2/day
Conducted over 30,000 capacity building workshops providing education & training to smallholder farmers
Women make up 45% of the professional team, many of whom hold leadership positions
Regeneration of critical watershed helping protect over 100,000 people from drought and flash-flooding
Natural wood fallen from forests provides a renewable source of energy for cooking
Additional income is created through selling firewood and high value woodcrafts from the smallholder forests
2,900 seasonal jobs per year, 80% of them are landless farmers
292 rural communities engaged in the project
Farmers are sequestering CO2 and re-generating ecosystems and adapting the microclimate while reducing farm temperatures to protect their yields
1,518,386 t CO2 being stored
10 million native trees planted, reforesting over 6,167 ha of land (equivalent of 11,527 football fields), habitat and local wildlife regeneration
All forests grown through equal partnerships with farmers, communities, local government, international funders and the project implementation team

Source : MyClimate
Note: Project impact relate to the total outcome of the community reforestation project. The Quintet contribution to these totals changes with the amount of carbon credits purchased.

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