Senior Officer Execution Only Desk

Puilaetco Belgium, Brussels, BEL, 1160
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Purpose of the Job


The successful candidate will be part of the commercial teams, with responsibility for the commercial and/or administrative development of customer portfolios for the Execution Only Desk.

The role is an important link in maintaining long-term customer relationships and will contribute to the profitability and rationalisation of this group of customers.

Key Accountabilities


  • Receiving customers in the branch (limited)
  • Ensuring there is good communication between customer and bank 
  • Drawing up portfolio summaries, account documents, presentations on behalf of Execution Only cus-tomers 
  • Monitoring management tools (G2) and proposing any corresponding adjustments
  • Entering customer details into the various systems 
  • Carrying out administrative banking tasks: opening and closing accounts, monitoring small non-discretionary accounts, checking debit accounts, interest calculations, etc. 
  • Executing stock market orders: forwarding stock market orders, monitoring transactions on securi-ties, checking and executing transfers of securities (to and from Puilaetco), 
  • Answering questions from customers about their orders
  • Monitoring and complying with internal and external rules and regulations from an administrative point of view, including compliance, risk, etc.
  • Handling the general organisation and commercial structure of the Exec Only desk (PKR, closing un-profitable accounts, redirecting customers to more profitable solutions, etc.) 
  • Follow-up of Officer Execution Desk (coaching, setting tasks and targets)
  • Drawing up a strategic plan for the Exec Only desk and ensuring it is put into effect

Knowledge and Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree is required. Accompa-nied by relevant work in the financial sector (experience in Private Banking is required). Master’s would be a plus
  • Must possess a PCP certificate (Willems Act – provision of services in the banking sector) or recognised diploma for a PCP (Person in Contact with the Public) role

Attributes and Qualities


  • Analysis: the ability to critically assess information is essential for identifying gaps and shortcomings. This involves gaining an insight into cause-and-effect relationships and distinguishing the essential from the incidental 
  • Problem-solving: tackling challenges by implementing favourable solutions proactively. This involves managing time and costs within this process.
  • Structuring work: being able to carry out multiple tasks independently within a specific timeframe. This involves setting priorities and adjusting them to changing circumstances 
  • Maximising customer satisfaction: listening to and anticipating customer requirements and offering customers favourable solutions and outstanding service. 
  • Working together: open exchange of information within the team / internal network. This involves identifying common goals and settling disputes with colleagues
  • Communicating: putting across information and opinions correctly in a structured way (both verbally and in writing) and in line with established rules and procedures. This involves reporting facts, figures and incidents correctly Sense of enterprise: being open to change and actively looking for opportunities and taking initiatives proactively. 
  • Achieving goals: being careful, disciplined and responsible in the approach you take to doing your work. Remaining focused under pressure.
  • Developing yourself: knowing yourself and planning your personal growth. This involves assessing your own performance by developing new insights and expertise. It also means being able to adapt to different approaches and environments 

Technical Skills


  • Interest in and knowledge of the financial markets and tools, as well as what is happing on the market
  • Knowledge of software: Windows Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word), Microsoft Outlook

Languages Skills


  • Very good knowledge of Dutch and French
  • Fluent English 
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