Quintet Earth, subfund of Essential Portfolio Selection

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50% MSCI Global Green Bonds Index and
50% MSCI World Low Carbon Equity Index

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GBP, USD, EUR, CHF | Hedged

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Institutional 51bps
Retail 55bps

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Partnership approach
Quintet has partnered with experts to build Quintet Earth

Leading passive asset manager 
EUR 880 billion AuM
 Integrates ESG factors into the investment process

DWS are the investment manager for Quintet Earth
Responsible for replicating the indices, rebalancing the portfolio and currency hedging
Highly credible passive manager with demonstrable ability to add value through intelligent replication while keeping costs low

Non-profit foundation 
Quantifiable climate offset projects totaling 1.5 million tons of carbon captured / avoided every year

myclimate connect Quintet with accredited climate projects
Ongoing transparency on projects and their impact on the environment and community
Projects meet highest standards (Gold Standard, CDM, Plan Vivo)
Projects are proven to reduce carbon and have a positive sustainable development impact 

Kredietrust Luxembourg (KTL) is the 100%-owned asset management subsidiary of Quintet

Responsible for administering the fund, ensuring regulatory compliance and fund communications
Quintet will only use its own solutions if it is in the best interest of clients
In the absence of 3rd party solutions Quintet will build its own to meet the clients needs

Real world impact
  • Green bond proceeds are exclusively spent on transformative green projects

  • Low carbon equities produce ~70% less carbon than conventional equities

  • myclimate’s carbon offset project funds community reforestation in Nicaragua and meets the highest standards (Plan Vivo). The project is proven to remove carbon from the atmosphere, and also makes a positive contribution to sustainable development

Transparent & authentic
  • Detailed reporting on investment returns; green bond use-of-proceeds, community reforestation benefits and more, so that you know how your money is invested

  • Transparent pricing. Aggregated investment management fee of 29 bps. Additional costs included in ongoing charges relate to index licensing, share class structuring, marketing materials and Quintet’s margin

  • Monthly updates on your investment and the impact via dedicated microsite and fund factsheet

Invest with confidence
  • Leading passive investment manager DWS selected via competitive tender

  • Diversification helps to reduce volatility in times of market stress

  • Impact without sacrificing performance. Target tracking error of 30 bps of the equity allocation to MSCI World. Green bonds hold the same credit worthiness as conventional bonds issued by the same issuer

  • Currency risk is hedged

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This is a marketing material of Essential Portfolio Selection (“EPS”) – Quintet Earth, an undertaking for collective investment in transferable securities managed by Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A and has been prepared by Quintet Private Bank (Europe) S.A., having its registered office in Luxembourg (RCS B6.395) and supervised by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) and the ECB (European Central Bank). Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A. is also supervised by the CSSF. The prospectus (available in English and French) and the key investor information (available in Danish and Dutch, English, French and German) may be obtained from the registered office of the fund and www.quintet.lu. This webpage is of a general nature, it does not constitute individual (investment) advice and investment decisions must not be based merely on it. 

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The objective of EPS – Quintet Earth is to replicate, before fees and charges, the total performance of 50% of the Bloomberg MSCI Global Green Bond Index (EUR) and of 50% of the MSCI World Low Carbon Target Index (EUR) (the Benchmark) while offsetting its carbon footprint. Compensation for EPS – Quintet Earth’s carbon footprint can be considered to be partial.

Neither Bloomberg nor MSCI is the issuer or producer of EPS – Quintet Earth and neither Bloomberg nor MSCI has any responsibilities, obligations or duties to investors of EPS – Quintet Earth. The Benchmark is licensed for use by Kredietrust Luxembourg S.A. as the Issuer of EPS – Quintet Earth. The Benchmark is determined, composed and calculated independently and without input from the Issuer or the owners of EPS – Quintet Earth.

Neither Bloomberg nor MSCI shall have any liability to the Issuer, Investors or other third parties for the quality, accuracy and/or completeness of the index or any data included therein or for interruptions in the delivery of the index.

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