Climate neutral investing

At Quintet, we are pioneering a climate neutral approach which can be applied as an investment framework

Support new technologies
Re-engineer supply chains
Fund and adopt new sources of energy

Investors can transform the economy by funding green projects using green bonds.
Green bonds are debt instruments where the proceeds are exclusively used to fund green projects.
Each entity issuing a green bond produces a report detailing how the money is spent and the positive environmental impact.

Consume fewer resources
Create less waste
Substitute products and services

Investors reduce their carbon impact by investing in low carbon equities.
The main carbon emissions of a company arises from direct use of fuel and electricity.
Low carbon equities are leading companies from around the world that have demonstrated their ability to have a smaller-than-average carbon footprint.

Actively remove carbon dioxide and other emissions from earth’s atmosphere

Investors can remove the carbon associated with their investments using a carbon offset.
The carbon associated with equities held by the fund is reported on a monthly basis.
Annually, the fund purchases Verified Emission Reductions (VER), commonly known as carbon credits.

Are schemes credible?

A system of accreditation, auditing and verification ensures the credibility of offsetting.
Carbon offset credits can only be transacted if the carbon reduction is verified to have already occurred – this further strengthens the credibility of offsets

What is offsetting?

Carbon offsetting means compensating for CO2 emissions by ensuring that there is less CO2 in the atmosphere.
This can be achieved by preventing the release of CO2 or by physically removing it from the atmosphere

How does it work?

Governments, companies or individuals can purchase offsets providing revenue to projects that reduce CO2 emissions (e.g. renewable energy production, planting trees etc.).
These projects can be anywhere in the world: one ton of CO2 has the same climate impact wherever it is emitted

Do your investments reflect your values ?


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