Change what you don’t like,  invest in what you do

Change what you don’t like, invest in what you do

Through active ownership we press for positive change, enhancing the investment process while having a positive impact on people and the planet.
Active Ownership to help activate change

At Quintet, we place sustainability at the heart of our business and as a driver of our clients’ investments. We engage as active owners because we are convinced that when companies adopt sustainable practices they become better businesses, which benefits investors, society and the planet.

Investors can use their voice to press for positive change through a combination of dialogue with companies and voting at shareholder meetings. That is what is meant by “active ownership”, which constitutes a key part of our investment strategy.

Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do. That’s what we believe.
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At Quintet, we understand the power of investment to impact the world. By changing the way we invest, we can change it for the better.

Using our influence to make a difference

In 2021, at Quintet we voted on over 10,454 proposals
at more than 760 shareholder meetings across the world.

Environmental and social matters were front of mind, as demonstrated by our support of more than 90% of shareholder proposals on these topics, which is more than double the industry average.
Read our Active Ownership Report

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Over the same period, our engagement service provider, EOS at Federated Hermes (EOS), engaged with 752 companies on our behalf on 3,030 issues and objectives. Engagement addressed key risks, challenges and opportunities faced by companies. In addition to engaging with companies, since Quintet invests client assets with other asset managers, we also engage with the latter.
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